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Approaching women at bars

The streets are emptied. Everyone sticks excitedly to the displays of their laptops or smartphones. Grandpa Harold leaves the lawnmower standing, your mother lets the soup boil over and Captain Baloo makes an emergency landing on a Pacific island with his daredevil crew.

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Approaching a girl at a bar can be a nerve-raking ordeal, if you do not come to some quick realizations.

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Singledom can be a boon and a bane at the same time. If you're single and almost ready to mingle every other day, there is always a possibility to break the lull.

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If it's the latter you're looking for, then we couldn't think of any place better than a bar to head to, to find probable single women, who're also ready to mingle. If we use science and logic then meeting women at a bar has proven to be very successful, for most men. That's because the physical proximity and the malleability of the person is very evident, compared to meeting someone virtually. But there's a catch. There has to be a certain amount of tact that goes into approaching women at a bar.

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You can't risk the one chance you get and screw things over with your stupidity! So if you're looking to score women at your local watering hole, maybe use this article as a Bible to help you through some tough decision-making for the night. Obviously there is a certain way you want to dress up to make a statement and look the part.

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It could be your corporate look or the generalised, stereotypical Delhi boy attire, it's on you to dress up as yourself and look smart. Girls obviously scan the room for men who are comfortable in whatever they're wearing and look good at the same time. Shabby men with unappealing facial hair aren't really gonna hit the spot, if you know what we mean. Casual dressing is in these days.

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Maybe stay clear of tight thigh hugging and crack revealing pair of denims! Wearing a solid colour always works. Solid colours indicate that the man is stable and isn't fickle about life decisions. Eye contact is very important.

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It's as important as the choosing the right girl at the bar. It helps initiate contact. Don't be creepy while making eye contact though. It can make the girl question your intention.

Spot the one who had your head turning and maybe give her a pleasant smile to start an interaction. Do not stare at her though, that can give her some major creeps. Do it very nonchalantly and if she reciprocates, that's your cue to go up to her and start a conversation.

Wrapping up

Pick up lines sound cool if you're saying them in your head. The minute they come out, trust us, they sound like every woman's worst girlish nightmare. Women are all in for witty men and one-liners but please spare them the cheese factory! It's really cheerful to know someone actually gives a damn about her day.

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We're gonna bust a very popular myth for you. If you see a woman you really dig at a bar, don't assume she'll drink anything that's sent her way. That's not cool and it's a bit obnoxious. Women like to decide their poison of choice.

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If they're drinking beer and you decide to fascinate her intellect by sending over some vodka, that's just a big jump to the worst possible conclusion. Why would you even do that? It indicates that you're trying to push your opinion and your presence down her throat and trust us; she'd be pushing nothing down her throat with this archaic and offensive move of yours.

Women are also a bit wary accepting drinks from a complete stranger, we'll have you know.

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Maybe, if you really want to try this, gauge what she's drinking and send the same drink to her table. She'll appreciate that more. OR you could just go talk to her and ask her politely if you can buy her a drink of her choice.

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Yup, you read that right. The best possible way, if the situation ever arises, is to intervene in an unpleasant situation a girl maybe in, at a bar. More often than not, if she's come for a drink with her friends she's probably gonna be swatting men around like flies until she finds the one she wants to talk to voluntarily. So if you see her in an unpleasant situation and think she can't handle it because the situation is beyond her control, do intervene. Most times women are very capable of handling their own crisis situation at bars, if they venture out on their own. Sometimes they need help.

If the situation demands your intervention, don't be aggressive about it. Be gentle, be serene yet authoritative. Women like men who get their way by being curt and stable. If you're able to dismantle the chaos around the uneasy situation, she's yours!

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If you like someone and want to approach them, do it all by yourself. Women find that very absurd and cowardly and really don't enjoy the fun in that. If you like her, just be a bit tactful about it and keep your friends at bay.

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They can obviously help wingman you but isn't it better to show the woman how in charge of the situation you are? Once you're in conversation with her, you're sorted. Except of course you have to keep a few things in mind. Always look at her while talking.

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Women find it repugnant if you look elsewhere, check other woman out or stare at her chest for longer than a second. Sure check her out but be as subtle as you can about it. Always maintain eye contact and be as attentive as you can.

Offer her a refill if you see her glass empty or if she's a smoker ask her if she'd like to smoke. Don't drift towards morbid conversations or conversations that are just about you. Ask her valid questions about her life, her work and anything else and don't bore her with your stories she really doesn't care about. Trust us; if you have her at hello, you have her for the rest of the night. It's not rocket science really.

It's just you putting your best game face on and being the gentleman that you are to approach the girl who actually took your breath away, at first glance.

Tip #1: preparation

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Relationship Advice. By Sunaina Mullick. Fit The Bit Obviously there is a certain way you want to dress up to make a statement and look the part.

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