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Huggies Forum Forum Help. Welcome Active Popular Browse. I have heard differing opinions on BDing only every 2 days to do with the sperm count and can also take up to 48 hours for sperm to regenerate?

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Hi Dal, as you know I didn't have to do a lot of BD to make this baby But, how about morning time? Or just home from work time? It's not surprising that some people 'miss' the moment when they try to BD at night time.

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Beds are for sleeping too, so it's understandable that by the time you get there you're buggered. I say, try another time New Posts.

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Members Profile. Post Reply. So, my doctor told me that if we bd every second day from CD10 through to 16 we should be fine as I was pretty regular - anyway how on earth do you guys find the time and stamina to do so much BD?! Especially if you have longer cycles etc! This month Im pretty sure I ovulated late infact think it was about CD 18 - but missed CD as just was so exhausted!

Sex from all the BD - but we are just soooo busy all the time! Its honestly hard to find time to BD! So how often do you do it and how do you forum the energy if your so busy like us? Its so frustrating knowing that we have missed a month - it sux because 2 days missing like that can me a whole month!

If you know what I mean.

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We havent been bding that much as im to tired and so is my partner So this month im telling him what days we should bd lol Tired or not we are doing it Im lucky if we get it twice a week. TTC 1 Jan However I am generally more um "firisky" the forum after AF so for me days and so tend to BD most days that week, after that things tend to ease off and normally we BD every days.

I do understand the tired thing though often I find once we make it to bed we are often both way too tired for any action. My sugestions for combating this is Morning and also pre-bedtime BDing, get cooking while dinners cooking Probably doesn't work if you have flatmates though.

Well I think I've just made myself out to be a complete sex addict, I'm really not, but I do hope this helps. Angel Babies Nov 09, May 10, Dec I think it's important not to start too early in your cycle. I've worn DH out and then missed OV a couple of times. Also invest in some Go man boost. Sex did become a means to end for us DH was over it and so was I, cant remember how often we did it but we were trying to aim for every second day from CD8, we were doing the sperm meets egg plan i think thats what its called.

It will be on my chart anyway Sex did start bding after dinner though so we were too tired for it. Whenever we feel like it, and then if I have any s of ovulation then every day during that time.

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When we TTC our daughter it was every 2nd day. We got sick of each other and ended up TTC for 2 years before getting it right. This time we need a lower stress method.

We were little rabbits and did it every day that month. Sex doesn't have to require a ton of energy, lots of foreplay and he doesn't have to take a long time lol. So this time I am thinking every 2nd day but not going to start to early. I guess it is all down to catching the eggie so will have to go back to the calendar.

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Ermm, well I found that the first couple of months off the pill my libido went sky high. Especially for the first 2 weeks after AF, we did it every day, often morning and night After a couple of weeks we got a bit tired, plus I think my libido declined a bit after ov? But as soon as AF was gone I don't know how much longer we'd have kept that up had we not got our BFP on the second month and remember we'd recently spent 6 months miles apart which was probably a contributing factor to the frequency toobut the nearly every day thing lasted till about 8 weeks preg, when MS put an end to it.

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Oh I'm not sure I want to post this, I feel like a right hussy. Ha TRex I felt a bit the same when I read my post. DH : I am sooo tired, i guess i just have to blow my load inside you.

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Haha you guys crack me up. Pity we wernt ttc then though cause of my friends wedding where I was bridesmaid.

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Lol hey E! I still cant believe you got your baby girl from ONE time! And wasnt it just after AF? DH "trys his moves" his words most mornings but Im still so buggered - doesnt help that he has to get up super early for work! Hmm maybe I need to cut down on the amount of sport I play so that Im not so tired! By the time I get home have a shower and tea - hes sound asleep!

Although technically we aren't TTC yet i have a fear that we won't do it enough when we do considering we can go for 3 months without it. DH and i been trying to do it most days Been having heaps of fun too so that is good.

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DP and I dont live together different cities so only get to see eachother nights a week, so tend to BD at any possible opportunity. Doesnt always coincide with ovulation, but we do the best we can.

How often do you bd when ttc?

My Ovulation Chart. In our 4 years of TTC we have tried every possible idea. We have tried just doing it when ever, and then not at all. We have managed to concieve twice MC but I cant figure out what we did.

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I want to know how to get down to business with a 5yr old and 11 yr old around? Any tips or tricks? Typically we try to BD at least every day he's home which often ends up every 2nd if we're tired! May Funny DS was a 1 time only lazy sunday Morn. Says something bout stress levels and the part they play.

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