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Exclusive dating club

In our Love App-tually series, Mashable shines a light into the foggy world of online dating. When I first heard of Lox Club, a glossy, exclusive dating app for young Jewish people, I audibly gasped. Its minimal Instagram spun the tale of the real-life Lox Club, a speakeasy turned hangout for Jewish elite during the twentieth century.

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Despite my fearless reputation among friends, I was nervous as hell. Red-lipped and wearing heels, I went to Ballroom Romance, a private event, hosted by the dating club Social Concierge. Sounds amazing.

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I mean, I went to college. But I was ready to disconnect from the dating apps and try something new. On a first date I once had, the guy compared dating apps to slot machines; the human element is removed, and there is no real indicator of chemistry. Faces just pop up and either fade left or right.

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We never had a second date, but the analogy was on-the-nose. Social Concierge offers an alternative, a chance to see a person, hear their voice, smell their breath for better or worse and let them buy you a drink.

Not every great conversationalist can write a killer profile. I mean, I give good text, but this levels out the playing field, right? I was game to check it out. The event began at 7 p.

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My fashionably late 8 p. The ratio of women to men seemed fairly even, though, a happy surprise for a dating event. They had already gotten comfortable if they were already sitting in a group, I assumed. The women sitting in those cozy conversations seemed to have already picked out their guys and sunk their hooks into them.

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Women are vicious to other women. So instead of approaching a mixed XX-XY group, I put my coat and bag on a couch where a group of friendly-looking something women were gathered, and asked if anyone had been to a mixer before. We belonged to an awkward sisterhood based on the undeniable truth that dating is hard, and we all dove in understandably with a case of the nerves. We were in the trenches together. I applauded her lady-balls with a mix of pride, envy and fear. Just then, the Metro photographer, Luc, texted me to say he arrived, so I walked to the entrance to meet him… just as a woman was putting her into his phone.

Fortified by knowing at least one person in the room, I procured a glass of Malbec and got ready to mingle with the opposite sex.

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New Yorkers live in a huge city, the hippest club around, surrounded by 8 million other people, but we often times avoid interaction. We look up at the ceiling on the subway car. We never make eye contact with the person walking the opposite way on the sidewalk.

Smartphones and social media are our refuge.

I infiltrated an exclusive nyc dating club and this is what happened…

The only corsage I found was pinned to Ben Goodman, the marketing and events consultant for Social Concierge, who introduced me to Jackson. Catch the gaze of a super handsome man on the second floor? I do the only rational thing one would do when a cute guy is in sight — run away.

I decided to head to the bar area, the smallest space in the t with the most amount of people. I ran into a pretty confident guy, Leo, who approached me by the bar, where the majority of folks seemed to gather. Leo seemed to be the only participant with a solid game plan. Like, he knew the answers to where to move, what to say when — not calculated, but like he had crib notes.

We were having a laugh riot when Leo came back, so we exclusive up being a trio of talkers. During the course of conversation, Leo told us he ly hired a professional wingman, Thomas Edwardswho — for a few thousand dollars — acted as a club dating coach.

Why are exclusive dating apps usually so disappointing?

A lot of people seemed to do really well. There were maybe one or two guys sitting off by themselves and, yeah, me sitting off by myself for a few moments, but everyone seemed comfortable in the space. Biggest indicator of a good time? No one was buried in their phone. I even caught two singles leaning in for an on-the-lips smooch as they parted.

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Social Concierge success! I would do a singles mixer again, because it is so outside my comfort zone which I love and the human interaction is much cooler than swiping right with a pint of Halo Top in my lap. Although, I will say I missed having some of the stats available on dating apps, like age.

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For reference, my first concert was Debbie Gibson and she recently replied to one of my tweets. Highlight ofthus far.

Welcome to the educated singles club

Laying low and so looking forward to ! Woo hoo!

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Have a great NYE? But, I admit it: I choked. I got nervous and it showed. Everyone deserves a mulligan.

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That was rad. As the crowd dwindled, I informed Luc it was time for some serious drinking and dancing, so we headed upstairs to the club and outdoor patio.

Choosing the right club

The next Social Concierge party is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 8 p. New York. Kimberly M. Aquilina 0.

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What did I learn? One, be on time. He literally walked in and already got a ! Not a grand introduction, but it worked. The ice was broken, as they say. Um, Mr. Feel like taking on a pro bono case?

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