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Hear our news on-air at our partner site:. Live Stream Schedule In Person. From impressive pole routines at fun and rowdy bikini bars to intimate private dances at sprawling topless and nude clubs, there are lots of options for anyone looking to make it rain dollars. Here are our favorite strip clubs in L. Considered one of the best strip clubs in the country and L. This all-nude spot is definitely the place to go for very attractive dancers, many of which are likely models by day, and a classy, upscale decor White linens!

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Nurses, grocery clerks, postal workers, Lyft drivers, and the folx who deliver your quarantine snacks — they can all wear masks at work without raising eyebrows.

But strippers all across the country are required to wear zero or tiny clothing in order to perform in tight, sweaty quarters in close contact with strangers. At some strip clubs in Los Angeles, performers even contracts agreeing to be naked on the floor.

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If they break the rule and wear a single article of clothing, they are fined up to 80 dollars. When COVID raged across the United States, strippers, massage therapists, nail salon technicians, and many other workers who rely on human touch watched our livelihoods vanish without any warning — and for thousands of us, the possibility of any federal or state assistance remains frustratingly out of reach. As a stripper for over 25 years, I know that every strip club makes its fortune by unlawfully misclassifying strippers as independent contractors, stealing our tips and charging arbitrary house fees and fines.

On top of that, we tend to be deprived of basic human rights like a safe, sane work environment free from discrimination, racketeering, and assault. As a workforce, we have been largely excluded from even the most progressive conversations about labor.

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We will be left out and penalized yet again if the Department of Labor fails to make a clear policy on tipped workers. Misclassified and unprotected workers in industries rife with abuse are at much higher risk of retaliation than other workers, and far less likely to understand our rights.

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Employers intentionally lie to us about our employee status. This policy excluded workers from both state and federal unemployment because they were victims of wage theft and misclassification. Strippers are a workforce of hundreds of thousands of people across the US. Why, then, are they excluded from benefiting from UI during a time that they, like millions of other workers, are unemployed and in a state of financial terror? As a young queer femme dancing nude at The Lusty Lady Peepshow in the s, I saw the effect of grassroots activism.

Many of us were already members of ACT UP and Queer Nation, where, as queer people, we liberated each other from the policies and legislation that aimed to silence us when we were discriminated against. Meanwhile, at the Lusty Lady, strippers were separated by race and body types. I could only cover curvy, small-boob shifts. Stripping stopped feeling like a secret space to scurry to when I ran out of options, and became a delightful and safe place to perform, with job security, an anti discrimination hiring policy, a reasonable grievance procedure, and sick pay.

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It was the one time in 25 years of sex work that felt like I had agency and control over my show, my body, and my money. Sex workers as a community have always cared for one another in ways that society, government, and family have failed to do.

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When the pandemic hit California and strip clubs closed, I knew that sex workers were going to surround each other with compassion and material help. We have always been the only ones who take care of us. Soldiers of Pole SOPa labor movement of unionizing strippers in California that was founded inwas uniquely positioned to respond to the pandemic.

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By conducting a survey at the beginning of the pandemic, the organization was able to assess how to offer strippers immediate, vital resources: advice about taxes and filing for UI, links to small need-based grants specifically for women artists, and urgently needed cash for food and diapers.

SOP received answers from strippers in 39 states including Puerto Rico about how their livelihoods would be affected by the pandemic.

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Eighty-one percent said they are not receiving minimum wage. Twenty-nine percent consider themselves to be undocumented.

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By the time this survey was shared, 99 percent of strip clubs were closed with no formal plan in place to reopen. Two hundred and forty-six strippers answered the last survey question:. The idea came from A. Davies, an SOP organizer and coordinator who lost her job when she was badly injured in an accident last year and found that she had no disability insurance from her long, celebrated stripping career in California.

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She decided to dance for five days on her live Instagram feed — a few dances every night, so she could privately donate to a group of dancers who were out of work. She raised more than she anticipated.

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Soldiers of Pole decided to expand her plan to include dancers from all over the world. Natalie Clark, board member and community organizer for SOP, played an administrative role for the live shows. As a participant who danced and performed administrative tasks, I saw first-hand how generous and kind people can be. But also, while emergency funds may buy diapers and food, we collectively need a long-term solution.

Work was slow before the epidemic so you worry it will be slow if and when clubs reopen.


You weigh your options: returning to work too soon could mean contracting COVID, higher stage fees, tip gauging, and the same bullshit. Not returning to work looks like hunger and eviction. On the internet, you notice virtual strip shows which le you to Soldiers of Pole, where rumbles of a revolution thrum. Pop up virtual strip shows appear on Instagram and Zoom like Cool.

Collective despair becomes collective exuberance. You want to believe change is possible.

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After all, ever since AB5 passed inwhich confirmed basic employee rights and wages, your employer finds new, baffling ways to steal your tips. You refused to hand over your tips to the bouncer who hovered over you while you lap danced for a regular. He got jumpy when you argued with the bouncer and he left in the middle of the song.

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You picture doing a running man in the air from a stripper pole, upside down, your bare muscles shimmer and flex as you stare into a bleak, sticky landscape. Then you imagine a unionized virtual strip club. Maternity leave. Sick pay.

Your untouched bag of hard-earned tips and the smell of cotton candy hope in the air. If you enjoyed this piece, support Antonia Crane with a Venmo tip antonia-crane.

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Thanks to readers like youKnock LA is able to keep you informed on local politics and uplift marginalized voices in Los Angeles. Covid 19 Strippers Unions Workers Rights. Antonia Crane August 20, Davies, aka The Queen of Sexy Source: Caroline Moyer Nurses, grocery clerks, postal workers, Lyft drivers, and the folx who deliver your quarantine snacks — they can all wear masks at work without raising eyebrows.

Then again, sex workers are startlingly resourceful.

We have to be.