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Hanoi girl bars

There is not much information on the Internet about the Ho Chi Minh girls but below are some useful tips from my recent trips.

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Hanoi is the second largest city in all of Vietnam, and the largest in northern Vietnam.

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If you are interested in the best places to meet girls in Hanoi and a dating guide then you are in luck. We have all the info you need to try and pick up single women around this city, and plenty of good date spots to take them as well. Since this post is in English we are assuming most of the readers are going to be foreign men.

Towards the end we will be including some travel tips for hanoi and new expats which you definitely will want to stick around for. Vietnam is not known to be an easy place to hook up with lots of sexy ladies like many other countries in this region of the world. Single guys flock to cities like Bangkok or Manila which are known as very easy places to get laid and have the time of their life. Then they may head over to this country thinking it will be the same and are in for a bit of a shock. We will bar off with the best nightclubs and girl up bars you will find around town and tell you about the Beer Corner bar district where you can start your nights.

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Pretty much all of the singles nightlife and touristy areas of this city are focused around Hoan Kiem Lake, particularly the Old Quarter and French Quarter. Table of Contents. Locate yourself in those areas if you want to party and try to get laid. They also are where many of the best spots for day game are, and we will be covering online dating which can be very beneficial if you do it the right way.

After we have talked about all of the best places and ways to meet girls here our dating guide will take over. Romantic restaurants, bars with live music, entertainment, and good outdoor activities will all be talked about.

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Then we will get into those travel and dating tips for tourists or new expats. There are such distinct pick up bar districts with so many places to go in each, we really love when you can head out on foot and hit up many of the best places in town without needing to hop in a cab. We just posted a list of specific venues to party at, but all you really need to do is bar to Beer Corner and find a place with lots of sexy ladies partying inside.

Some of the above listed pick up bars can also be found around West Lake or in the French Quarter. The Old Quarter is the girl area for singles nightlife and where most tourists stay, but those other two spots are also worth visiting. They can be very fun spots to party and are popular with the locals. If you are here during peak tourist season November to March there should be plenty of women from around the world hanoi through who will be going out to hook up.

It will be a lot easier to sleep with them than local girls.

Hanoi at night

Most guys who visit this town will also be interested in our Ho Chi Minh City bar and club guide as well. When it comes to day game the easiest thing you can do is head out in the touristy areas around Hoan Kiem Lake. If you are staying in the Old Quarter just go out on foot and look for some hot Hanoi ladies to have a chat with. The French Quarter is another area where there will be lots of foot traffic during the day.

Can you bring local girls back to your room in hanoi?

There are plenty of touristy things to do in that area and if you see a hot backpacker tag along with her or her group. This country is loaded with cafes, you will see plenty of single women drinking a coffee by themselves. Smile at them and if they smile back go over and say hello. This is a notoriously hard country to get laid in, at least when you compare it to others in the region. Granted a single western man probably has an easier time of hooking up here than in his home country, but if you have girl been somewhere like the Philippines you may consider this place a sex prison.

You are going to need to make the first move, then you are going to have to cross your fingers that they can speak English which is doubtful. The good news is that plenty of Hanoi bars do have an interest in dating foreign men, and online dating on Vietnam Cupid can help you find that type of girl.

We have seen some other sites that claim that this dating site is full of horny women who only up to sleep with foreign men tonight, hopefully you are smart enough to not believe that. Sure, there are some easy women out there on dating sites who want to get laid, but the majority are still pretty conservative. The three date rule often applies, luckily we have a good guide for where to hanoi them coming up.

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The main benefit of using Vietnam Cupid is that it just speeds up the entire meeting process. Instead of going to a bar and trying to talk to a few girls you can message fifty Hanoi girls that are single in an hour online. If they reply you know they at least have some level of interest and you can proceed from there. Now that we have covered our best places to meet single girls near you our Hanoi dating guide can become the main focus.

Luckily if you are staying in the Old Quarter many of the best date spots in town will be nearby.

Enjoy dating hanoi girls

We have a nice list of romantic restaurants, bars, and places with live music that you can check out such as:. Need a date spot during the day? Just head to the French Quarter and visit all the cool touristy things to see in that bar like the Imperial Citadel. Or just stroll around the lake and enjoy the views. The Old Quarter also has many nice cafes, restaurants, and touristy things to do. If you prefer to visit a less touristy city in this country go see if the girls in Hai Phong or Da Nang are more interested hanoi dating foreign men.

Now we have some travel and dating tips for any tourists or new expats who are reading this. For that reason you should always book your hotel for two people and mention your girlfriend will be arriving later. If you only have one girl over through your stay that should work at most hotels, but if you are picking up new ladies at a bar each night then you may get stopped.

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Or there are numerous A25 hotels that are usually girl friendly. You should probably confirm that women visitors will be allowed before you pay. Learning the language will give you a leg up on most foreign men, but that is a lot of work. Plenty of Hanoi women are interested in foreign men, but it is hard to tell who is who. If you are on a short trip the other tourists will be a lot easier to hook up with, or use Vietnam Cupid to pipeline so that you can show up with dates lined up.

The good news is there are some very good singles nightlife districts and from November to March there will be plenty of people out partying and looking to get laid.

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Plus this is a very cheap country to visityou get over 23k dong for every dollar and those dong go a long way. Just stay in Old Quarter so you are in the heart of the action and have a good time. For more on the dating culture here you can click that link. Vietnamese ladies are very attractive, you will walk past plenty of head turners when you are here. Go over and say hello, some will be interested in having a chat. If you play your cards right you can get theirinvite them out on a date, and who knows where that will lead.

Getting laid on the first night is pretty uncommon, though not unheard of. More often you will need to wait til the second, third, or fourth date before they are ready to hook up. That is why pipelining online is so important if you are on a short trip, that way you can take them out on your first night and have a better chance of making something happen while you are in town.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Hanoi and our dating guide for men, enjoy your time here. The post misses an essential. Girls are the same the world over but in Vietnam forget inviting out at night. Girls are expected to be home.

Ho chi minh girls tips

But when they are supposed to be at work during the day, that is a different matter. Thanks for the tip, you are right with some girls their parents may not allow them out after dark but they could be able to find some time for you during the day.

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