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Some might even say too much. The makeup industry is huge, with the popular system of "10 steps makeup", made up of several layers of products. And plastic surgery is also huge.

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Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you! Note that this thread has not been updated in a long time, and its content might not be up-to-date anymore. Did I mess up? I don't speak Korean. I started dating a Japanese guy about a month ago.

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Go to While this city may be in the top 5 most expensive, I find for single bachelors who make about 4k USD a month minimum, this can be one of the most fun cities to make a living at without needing sex be a baller. Asia in general has a much better nightlife than the U. This city, like every other major city, is about knowing what to make of it and actually going out to do it. Not only forum you get your ass out of home to learn the damn language, which is supposed to be the easiest of Japanese and Chinese, you will meet friends and from there you can get the ball rolling.

You def. If you're white, hell even if you're a Korean-American like me who doesn't speak the language well, it's impossible to not have fun as long as you're not completely socially inept. In my experience, the people have generally been very outgoing and just a ton of fun to go drinking with.

I'm a huge fan of korean and for the first month, one of the things I'd be constantly eating for dinner is samgyupsal and galbi Korean meals come with a group of small dishes we call banchan.

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These are complimentary and some of them taste pretty amazing. As for the nightlife here, what I love about Seoul is that it's not like your typical city where you have to basically go to downtown to go clubbing or drinking.

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In Seoul we have Hongdae which is where the art school is located. Tons of funky venues and jazz bars exist in this area. Sinchon This place was my stomping grounds for the past year I've moved onto a better location.

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This korean is in front of Yonsei University, one of Korea's top schools and so naturally it became a drinking haven. I'm going to stop here for now but there are maybe more locations that are well known for drinking. Feel free to ask about the food, women, culture, night life, and tourism. And this question will come up so I'll answer it in advance, No I do not go to casinos here. I heard it's real fun and a great way for an easy hook up.

This sex something I might consider since I really like korean culture, and I would like to live in a country so different than mine. But let say I would like to go to Seoul for months, do you know what would be my best ''sleeping'' options?

I've heard renting something is nearly forum, and I wouldn't have fun living in an hotel for 5 months. Originally Posted by Syous.

Food: 3/10

Originally Posted by FawkMe. Originally Posted by Adam Monroe. I couldn't even read past this. I've been to so many cities around the world to party that it hurts. NYC nightlife is second to none and if you don't think so, I'm pretty sure you are doing it all wrong. ETA: Maybe not as cheap or as easy to find asian money-grubbing-whores, but better by far.

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Originally Posted by mused I have a few: Where are you from and how come you ended up in South Korea? Is it correct to say that SK has the fastest internet in the world? What is the reasoning behind those sick deposit demands?

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Is a bank guaranteeing the depoisit money? A non SK question if you dont mind? What stakes do you play and if you have a work day on 8 hours how many hours do you get action? I am wondering about this because I am also thinking of specialicising on hu but dont know if it is worht it in the long run because of lack of action.

Don't see why you have to make an attack on asians but you can kindly leave the thread. Eh, reading that again it came off really harsh. I believe I was drunk at the time. My point stands though that saying that seoul has better nightlife, and specifically as far as variety goes, than NYC is borderline ridiculous. Some don't like having sex in any apartment at all.

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Basically, everybody knows each other in their apartment complexes. Sleeping with a foreigner could cause some image issues for the woman in the relationship.

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Many times, you will have to get a cheap room at a love hotel instead of going back to her or the man's apartment. It didn't take long for me to realize how important your image is here. But it is beyond important.

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It is everything to them. Some of them just have the mentality of American teenagers when it comes to image. Anything that could potentially embarrass or harm their reputation is avoided like the plague.

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Image, image, image. I've clubbed in both NYC and Seoul Both are incredible anyway. It's like arguing apples and oranges. Last edited by LocustHorde; at AM. Originally Posted by theguy Originally Posted by thomas. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. I'm a full blooded korean but I forgot the language.

Rather than bum around for another year or so in the states, I thought it'd better use of my time to take the chance and live abroad. It's been one of my best decisions since.

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It's supposed to be. I think SK uses higher quality fibre optic cables or something like that compared to other countries, especially the u.

It's the way real estate works here. No loans, just 1 lump sum. Dunno Probably.

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My aunt had no qualms putting the deposit down for me A non SK question if you dont mind? WTF Adam Monroe? Anyways, sounds like a nice life dude, all my friend who have gone to Korea says they love it, and the drinking culture definitely appeals to me.

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Originally Posted by Fletcher Last edited by Syous; at AM. You have to be able to speak some korean. Typically white guys have a lot of pull in Korea. It's not fair. Brazilian guy and I walk around, he's not ugly but he's not attractive. We walk by a hot korean girl who looks him in the eye and smiles and completely ignores me.

Thailand is in a world of its own. While I haven't experienced something like that because well I can definitely see something like that happening.

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I had to grab my backpack from my apartment and this korean girl was very hesitant about coming up forum me for just a minute. She wanted to wait in the lobby and then she wanted to wait in my hallway. Originally Posted by eatmefish Originally Posted by boutique.

Originally Posted by loosekanen. Originally Posted by LocustHorde. I'll bet it is for someone korean Derek Jeter. I've hardly ever seen a decent looking Korean gal around town, most of them look as if they've been beat with the ugly stick. Those soju drinking games are great. We still play them every time we go back to that Korean restaurant that I brought you to when you were in BKK. I hate reading this thread because it makes me want to go back to Korea so badly.

Oh, I sex play Titanic. I'm easily the best Titanic player in the world.

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We also played a game called "South Africa". One of our buddies would always talk about the country. So, whenever he said "South Africa", we had to take a shot of soju.