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Sex clubs manchester

Elysium sex parties 'put women first' at their luxury adult events and are now accepting applications to attend.

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Looks like you might have an AdBlocker on. Please whitelist confidentials. On the nearby sofa a man in a sharp black skinny suit remains fully clothed but unzipped, his partner, skirt hitched, sits astride purring. They drink from the bottle I know I know, I want to slap myself. Yeah, the Princess.

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The parties have soared. From London up to Manchester and over to Los Angeles with plans for parties in cities as far-flung as Melbourne. The Kittens are spreading You should come along and see for yourself," she whispered with a wink. I went to drink and see naked girls. In which case, it went beautifully. No mask. No entry. Simple as that.

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You can unmask as you see fit. Those that attend this city centre penthouse have already been vetted.

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The face and the waist needs to fit. So what are the rules? Well, this is a party by the girls for the girls.

The top list of manchester sex clubs

Kittens on kittens. Still, we men are mere instruments invited along for the ride because our genitalia comes in handy. It goes like this:. I end up escorting three single female friends, all 25 and under, all in black, all legs, all curious and all on the bubbles.

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As we queue for the lift in the lobby three kids and their father us. Shifty looks. They wait for the next lift. Outside the penthouse stands a sharp-suited lone security guard in case anyone has a few too many shandies and the hostess, KK Jordie, checking names off the list. She greets us with open arms.

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About eight beds in total, and of course, condoms everywhere. Nobody would dare ask for an ale, you may as well order a Bovril and sit in the corner reading the Racing Post. All are immaculate. Business types, club promoters, solicitors, deers, nurses, beauty therapists, teachers and even a plumber.

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Well, what would a shag party be without a plumber. Most are late 20s to late 30s. Wedding rings are off. The men are in tow. For the first part couples remain loosely together, whispering in each others ears and sizing up other couples. Nobody has dived in yet. Shoulders have been destrapped and boobs are out. More boobs come out. The room begins to jiggle. Eyes dart. People begin to file through, stopping momentarily in the doorway to see two women, utterly starkers, writhing around on the bed.

One of the boyfriend watches on from a darkened corner of the room. People roam the corridors, popping in for a few minutes to watch, then sloping out. Early in the night, two couples chat next to us on the sofa.

Killing kittens sex parties hit manchester

Minutes later we wander into a room and there they are, locked into each others' partners. Another pair are stood on the balcony outside smoking, they peer in through the blinds. Their hands down below, lost from sight.

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At one point we find eight people on one bed, some are laid flat, some bent over, some stood in the flicker of the candlelight. The men are fixed and hard at work while the girls tinker with each other throughout.

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Some just like to stand around in underwear and watch others. Some like to be watched. In the larger living room a group stands around the breakfast bar sharing a bottle of champagne in only underwear, the ladies are topless and still heeled, the two men only in boxer shorts.

They chat away unphased as though stood around a watercooler, while directly behind them a naked woman is strewn across the glass-top dining table, a man knelt between her legs. They drink from the bottle. So how do we shape up as a city?

A nd the Manchester parties are only going to get bigger, better and hotter. It makes you stronger. Why would your partner go out and cheat when we can both come to something like this and sleep with other people together. Why not indeed. We humans are not naturally monogamous creatures. In purely Darwinian terms we're all deed to bonk as many people as possible to shore up the gene pool. The more you think about it, the more the Killing Kittens set seem less randy little buggers and more progressive, even visionaries.

New 'high end' sex party venture launches in manchester

If we've been deed to put it about, let's at least do it together. And with a big fucking bouncer in case things go tits up. Follow David8Blake on twitter.

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Website: www. info killingkittens. Adblocker Thanks for coming to Confidentials. Okay, I understand. David Blake 31 March So I did.

The top manchester sex clubs & sex parties - easysex

It goes like this: No mask. Men must not approach women. Men must wait to be invited. No means no. Only the kittens women can break the rules. No phones.

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